ARBY&OPAL respect your right to privacy and your right to view and update the personal information we hold about you. We are committed to protecting your privacy when you visit our site or contact us in any way.

We will only deal with your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and this privacy policy.

We will collect personal information for the purposes of fulfilling your order only. This information may include:

  • your name

  • email address,

  • phone numbers,

  • residential and postal addresses

  • shipping details

  • Your credit card number, name on your card, expiry date and card verification code (CVC) code


 Note: We do not handle or store full credit card details. These are captured directly by a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant payment provider who will only deal with your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act and this privacy policy.

Payment for our products is done via PayPal, which may ask you to provide further information (including credit or debit card details). This information is retained by PayPal and will not be passed on to us. We advise you to read the Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy on the PayPal site for further information on what information will be required and the way PayPal will use it.

Information that we no longer require is erased securely. We may also use personal information to perform credit checks, to authenticate your identity, to validate your credit card, to obtain an initial credit card authorization and to authorize individual purchase transactions.



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